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Episode 36: Oak

In this episode, Jacob Putney is joined by Steve Denney and Alicia Christiansen to discuss the importance of educating the public about Oak trees and their positive impacts on Oregon’s woodlands.

“There’s an overwhelming interest in oaks, and once we explain the importance of oaks, [people] are excited about doing some things.”

– Steve Denney, Umpqua Oak Partnership Coordinator
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Episode 33: Maple Syrup

In this episode, Scott Leavengood is joined by Eric Jones and Eliza Nelson to discuss the increasing popularity of maple syrup production in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

“We’re just at the beginning of something great that I think is going to have a big future in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in general.”

– Eric Jones, Anthropologist & OSU College of Forestry Instructor
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Episode 32: Tree School

In this episode, Scott Leavengood visits the 33rd annual Clackamas Tree School to interview Sarah Cameron and Glenn Ahrens about what the event is and why it’s so beneficial.

“Just seeing how much people light up when they talk about Tree School… It’s just really special to be a part of pulling that together.”

– Sarah Cameron, Forestry Program Assistant in Clackamas County
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Episode 31: Master Woodland Managers

In this episode, Lauren Grand invites Susan Watkins, Brett Aldrich, and Tiffany Hopkins on the podcast to discuss the value of participating in the FNR Extension’s Master Woodland Manager program.

“I think it’s a tremendous program. It’s the best program I have ever participated in.”

– Susan Watkins, Master Woodland Manager Program Graduate
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Episode 30: ONREP

In this episode, Scott Leavengood invites Yasmeen Hossain & LeeAnn Mikkelson on the podcast to discuss ONREP and the importance of implementing outdoor education in schools statewide.

” When students are more connected to nature, we tend to make responsible decisions, support sound public policy, and help create a sustainable future for all.”

– LeeAnn Mikkelson, Oregon Natural Resources Education Program Director
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EPISODE 29: Latinx Forest Workers

In this episode, Manuel Machado, Martha Valle Hernandez, and Carl Wilmsen discuss what steps are being taken in order to improve working conditions for latinx forest workers in Oregon.

“You and I can change jobs if we don’t like the working conditions, but visa workers can’t… It’s a really big problem and it’s difficult. It’s systemic.”

– Carl Wilmsen, Director of the Northwest Forest Workers Center
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In this episode, Lauren Grand is joined by Tiffany Hopkins to discuss how making non-timber forest product crafts can help people feel more connected with their local environment.

“I got so much feedback that it was less about making money for these small woodland owners, and more about engaging with their property.”

– Tiffany Hopkins, Master Woodland Managers Program Coordinator
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Episode 26: Stream Restoration

In this episode, Stephen Fitzgerald visits Woodcock Creek to interview multiple people involved in restoring and enhancing its natural habitat.

“The idea is that we fix the passage barriers, we get fish back into these areas, [and] provide the habitat so they’re ready to go when they get here.”

– Dave Stewart, ODFW Habitat Biologist
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Episode 25: Early Seral Forests

In this episode, Lauren Grand and Graham Frank discuss early seral forest’s importance and key features.

“I think by and large we’re still short a lot of old forests on our landscapes… and it’s a lot easier to create early seral than it is to create old forest.”

– Graham Frank, OSU College of Forestry Graduate Student
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