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In this episode, Lauren Grand is joined by Glenn Ahrens and Scott Altenhoff to discuss the impact of storms on Oregon’s forests.

“The old adage, ‘A stitch in time can save nine’ – preventative maintenance, although it is an expense, it can really pay off in dividends.”

– Scott Altenhoff, Program Manager for Urban and Community Forestry Assistance for the Oregon Department of Forestry.
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Episode 45: Carbon Markets

In this episode, Lauren Grand invites Jacob Putney on the show to breakdown what carbon markets are and how they can be utilized to mitigate CO2 emissions.

“If a lot of carbon is being emitted through a particular industry, and they want to be carbon neutral, they can reduce their activities, or buy these offsets to balance that system.”

– Jacob Putney, OSU Assistant Professor of Practice and Extension Forester for Baker and Grant Counties.
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Episode 44: Slash Piles

In this episode, Jacob Putney is joined by John Punches to discuss tips and regulations related to piling, managing and burning slash.

“Remember that when we burn we’re releasing heat and smoke into the atmosphere, and before we make the decision to burn, let’s think about what’s next to where those piles are.”

– John Punches, OSU Extension Forester in NE Oregon and Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management
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Episode 43: OSU Campus Arboretum

In this episode, Scott Leavengood tours OSU’s main campus with Dan Blanchard to learn about the university’s rich history of woody plants and the process of turning OSU into an accredited arboretum.

“The Willamette Valley is incredible… environmental conditions have allowed our campus to turn into a horticultural mecca.”

– Dan Blanchard, Curator of Living Plant Collections for OSU Campus Arboretum & Horticulture Instructor
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Episode 42: Mediterranean Oak Borer

In this episode, Lauren Grand is joined by Christine Buhl to discuss what the Mediterranean Oak Borer is, where it came from, and ways to identify infestations and prevent them from spreading.

“The healthier you can make your trees, the better they are going to be able to resist & tolerate invasive insects.”

– Christine Buhl, Oregon Department of Forestry Entomologist
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Episode 40: Indigenous Knowledge

In this episode, Lauren Grand is joined by Cristina Eisenberg to discuss the importance of indigenous knowledge and how it can be used to strengthen communities and the natural environment.

“We need every tool possible to create a world that is more resilient and healthier.”

– Cristina Eisenberg, OSU Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence, Maybelle Clark Macdonald Director of Tribal Initiatives in Natural Resources
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Episode 37: WOWNet

In this episode, Lauren Grand is joined by Tiffany Hopkins and multiple members of the Women Owning Woodlands Network to explain how WOWNet educates and empowers female small woodland owners.

“Everyone can kind of dive in and connect… wherever they wanna grab the bit of the net, they can.”

– Kate McMichael, WOWNet Member
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Episode 36: Oak

In this episode, Jacob Putney is joined by Steve Denney and Alicia Christiansen to discuss the importance of educating the public about Oak trees and their positive impacts on Oregon’s woodlands.

“There’s an overwhelming interest in oaks, and once we explain the importance of oaks, [people] are excited about doing some things.”

– Steve Denney, Umpqua Oak Partnership Coordinator
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Episode 34: Fire Weather

In this episode, Jacob Putney and Aaron Groth invite Jon Bonk & Rebecca Muessle on the show to discuss the role incident meteorologists play in fighting wildfires.

“Being an Incident Meteorologist is by far the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my career.”

– Jon Bonk, Portland National Weather Service Incident Meteorologist
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Episode 33: Maple Syrup

In this episode, Scott Leavengood is joined by Eric Jones and Eliza Nelson to discuss the increasing popularity of maple syrup production in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

“We’re just at the beginning of something great that I think is going to have a big future in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in general.”

– Eric Jones, Anthropologist & OSU College of Forestry Instructor
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