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“In the Woods” is a monthly podcast series brought to you by the Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension program. This podcast brings the forest to listeners by sharing the stories and interviews of forest scientists, land managers, and enthusiastic members of the public. Each month we will bring you research and science-based information on a new topic related to forests that aims to offer some insight into what we know and are still learning about forest science and management.

Meet Your Hosts:

Lauren Grand joined OSU Extension as the Lane County Extension Forester and Assistant Professor (Practice) in 2016. Lauren’s role is to provide objective, research-based educational opportunities related to forest ecology, forest stewardship, and small woodland management.

Jacob Putney is an Assistant Professor (Practice) and Extension Forester for Baker and Grant Counties. He joined the Forestry and Natural Resources team in 2019, after completing his Masters in Forest Biometrics. His expertise is in forest modelling, inventory, growth and yield, and silviculture.

Stephen Fitzgerald is the statewide Extension Silviculture Specialist and Director of the Oregon State University College of Forestry Research Forests.  Fitzgerald has worked in both the wet and dry forests of Oregon.  He has been a faculty member of Oregon State University for 37 years.

Scott Leavengood is the director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center and a professor in the Department of Wood Science & Engineering.  Scott provides technical assistance to entrepreneurs and existing wood products businesses.  He has been with the OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension program since 1994. 

Other Team Members

Jason O’Brien came to Oregon State University in 2009 to start the Oregon Master Naturalist Program (OMP). The OMP has certified over 200 Oregonians, and has exposed hundreds more to a wide range of Oregon’s natural history and ecology subjects.

Carrie Berger is the Forestry and Natural Resources Statewide Fire Program Manager. Carrie has been with Oregon State University for over 12 years.


This podcast is made possible by start-up funding from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute and continuing funding from OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension and USDA RREA Grant Program.


Music for the in the woods podcast was composed by Jeff Hino.

Graphic Design for the in the woods album art was created by Christina Friehauf.

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