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Episode 35: Range

In this episode, Jacob Putney is joined by Katie Wollstein to discuss strategies to mitigate fires and invasive plant species in Oregon rangelands.

“Fire resilience benefits everyone, it’s a public good… We can’t keep thinking we’re managing these complicated ecosystems in a vacuum.”

– Katie Wollstein, Rangeland Fire Regional Specialist for Harney & Malheur Counties
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Episode 23: Emerald Ash Borer

In this episode, Lauren Grand invites Christine Buhl and Daniel Stark on the podcast to discuss what the recent discovery of emerald ash borer in Oregon means and how to prevent it from spreading.

“We are advising people not to transport firewood, if at all possible… the regulations say keep transportation of firewood within 50 miles, we prefer within 10 miles from where it was cut.”

– Christine Buhl, State Forest Entomologist with the Oregon Department of Forestry
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